Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ciel wip


Dominic said...

WAHH! Kuroshitsuji >3<

Sakimi, I've been a huge fan of yours for about a year now. You're definitely one of my inspirations :'D The intensity and pristine colours you use in your pictures are absolutely beautiful and I always get the itch to draw when you upload something new! (I also wet my pants xD)

I especialyl love the way you draw faces. They're all so beautiful ;3;

I hope you don't mind my asking, but I'll be starting an arts college later, and I just want to know if you use a laptop or a desktop when doing your work. I need to find a good laptop that can support the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and I want to work on a lot of illustrations like what you're uploading... I just want to get as much info from people I look up to like what models they use etc. *n*

I hope you don't mind! I just love your work so much, lol.

sakimi said...

Hello Dominic, I'm glad u like me stuff : )

as for computers and stuff I'd recommend a mac laptop, it's a better tool when it come to working with digital art programs, If you can, try to get a Mac pro, with at least 6 GB ram, it might be really expensive however it's gonna be much better, but a mac laptop should do the trick( 2-4GB ram or more, recommended)
hope that helps and I wish u luck : D !

Dominic said...

Thank you so much for your quick reply!! This is the second Mac recommendation I've gotten, :'D They said that Mac would be better on a laptop and PC would be better as a desktop.

I'll definitely keep your words in mind, and my teachers recommended at least 6GB of ram so I also trust your judgement as well. : D

Thank you for the luck. I'm gonna need it since they say art classes go really fast lol >3< Thank you again for taking the time to reply, it's so kind of you and I feel like I love you even more of that's possible! I look forward to more of your creations! You're amazing.

Bobbie_chan said...

Wow!! Cool looking Ciel! I love it~!